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“Accelerating towards Supply chain transparency by re-defining traceability
through Blockchain technology.”

About StaTwig

Founded in 2016, StaTwig is a Blockchain centred Supply chain optimisation company, that aligns with the need for transparency in Supply chains, to create trust & transparency among stakeholders. The company was founded on a dynamic enterprise vision, flexible enough to work with Supply chains from diverse industries to transform data into powerful insights and provide constant monitoring of location and other constraints of goods.

With the current business scenarios focused on achieving cost and time efficiencies to find competitive advantage, it gets critical to focus on Supply chain efficiency, where our products come into picture, to deliver real time insights into the supplier and manufacturer ecosystem.

StaTwig has customisable products for industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food & beverages.

Our Mission

To leverage Blockchain technology, IoT, machine learning and collecting real-time data which empowers consumer analytics, and to enable our partners to deliver the data insights to their customers, to ensure they are offering customers the highest quality assurance.

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