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“Bridging the perceived gaps in vaccines supply chain
to deliver real time visibility in transit.”


Transporting and storing vaccines involves inefficiencies of the temperature-controlled supply chains, known as cold chains, often leading to interruptions, issues around safety and regulatory problems.


According to statistics

20% to 25%

of vaccines lose their efficacy owing to cold chain failures.


Our Solution

Vaccine Ledger™

Our signature product, Vaccineledger allows for end to end tracing of vaccines from manufacturers to the end customers, providing tracking ability to all the involved stakeholders through Blockchain, recording and providing real-time tamperproof data to improve transparency.


Every product is assigned a unique ID and an alphanumeric code that is globally recognised, allowing the product’s lifecycle to be traced efficiently from production through to distribution to patients at the drugstores or at hospitals.



StaTwig is improving vaccines distribution system more efficiently through Blockchain.

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