Fabric for Extended
Supply chain applications

Delivering Real-time Visibility,
Monitoring and Tracking of Products in Journey


"StaTwig’s scBlockchain cloud platform leverages Blockchain and IoT to deliver visibility, monitoring and tracking of products in your extended supply chain. It abstracts the data from multiple sources including sensors and existing data stores, analyzes it using machine learning techniques, and provides actionable insights. It enables customers to track products in the extended supply chain, continuously record product health information in a tamper proof data registry, provide permissioned access to the information on-demand, and prevent third-party interference to data or contracts.."

  • Deliver Visibility in extended supply chain

    • Dashboards
    • Connectivity and Interoperability
    • Documentation of Specifications
    • Provide an architecture for customers to securely collect, store and analyze the data on orders, shipments and product health.
    • Enable increased Visibility for distributors to drive greater efficiencies in a carrier capacity shortage environment and dynamically set prices based on demand

    Deliver Real time monitoring

    • Rich set of integrated services to monitor products health- temperature, humidity, location
    • Chain of custody monitoring.
    • Use rules engine to monitor exceptions in product health across the extended supply chains
    • Eliminate failures through actionable insights derived from continuous monitoring and real-time business process intelligence.
    • Monitor chain of custody and ownership across the supply chain leveraging smart contracts

    Track the Journey

    • Deliver execution system of records
    • Alerts and exceptions
    • Compliance and Status Reporting
    • Provide a trusted and tamperproof method to track assets, including returns consistently across the extended supply chain.
    • Empower stakeholders to validate and approve records using consensus algorithms
    • Enable complete traceabiity of products to comply with regulatory requirements


We are a blockchain start-up that uses IoT to record journey of the products from manufacturer to customer to create an extra layer of visibility and authenticity.





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