“Delivering extended visibility and generating

actionable insights in supply chain.”


Aligning distribution flow
among stakeholders


Breaking the
organisational barriers


Fitted for Client Adaptation



What we do

Built to resolve real-time problems in extended supply chains, we track products from the manufacturer to the consumers and record data on to our blockchain-based platform, to create visibility and remove inefficiencies. Our platform creates collaborative tools for stakeholders to exchange the validated data.

Our supply chain tools capture real-time data such as inventories, shipments, temperature and humidity of the products, batch details, chain of custody and various types of transaction data including the timestamps.



UNICEF Innovation

StaTwig joins UNICEF for supplying vaccine through Blockchain platform


Gavi Infuse Program

Selected for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance INFUSE 2019 Workshop, Barcelona


IOT Innovation Accelerator

StaTwig Joins IOT Innovation Accelerator, Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad


Newsweek Blockchain Impact Award 2019

Runner up for the 'Newsweek Blockchain Impact Awards 2019' only Indian startup to be nominated for the award.

What we offer

Visibility and connectivity in the extended supply chain through documentation of specification and customise dashboards.

Well designed architecture to securely collect, analyse and store the data about the overall value chain transactions.

Dynamically set prices based on demand and client specifications

Real-time monitoring through a set of integrated services for maintaining transparency in the chain of custody.

Trusted and tamperproof platforms to leverage smart contracts across the supply chain.

Complete traceability of products complying with regulatory requirements and real-time business process intelligence.


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